Sunday, 24 November 2013

White Women, Black Men Dating: Romantic USA Escapades

You have created the perfect online dating profile, you stated that you want to date white women, that you are adventurous, bon viveur and love traveling. You met this amazing lady and have been on a few dates with her and now you are officially in a relationship. Her birthday is approaching and you are thinking of a nice surprise. What about a long weekend trip to a romantic destination that will prove to her that you truly love adventure?

Savannah, Georgia
Hidden gardens, old oaks, tons of parks full of amazing flowers and trees, Savannah is the lovers' paradise. The city has many great restaurants and cafes and the people are famous for their hospitality. If you are looking for a quiet, romantic weekend, look no further. Savannah also has a College of Art and Design, so the crowd here is interesting as well.
White Women Black Men Dating
White Women Black Men Dating
Maui, Hawaii
It might be a cliché, but for good reason. The golden sand, the turquoise waters, the volcanoes, the palm trees synthesize a natural environment of amazing beauty. Maui is pretty touristic, so going off season would be a good idea. Then you will be able to enjoy sunbathing, amazing seafood and total relaxation without little kids running around you.

Napa Valley, California
Imagine enjoying a top quality, locally produced wine, while admiring the view from your hot air balloon. That's right. Napa offers both. Famous for its vineyards for many years, this area of the US also has amazing natural scenery. You can find many resorts in the area, almost hidden in-between the vines, that will offer you any gourmet food and wine you request.

Montreal Bay, California
Let's stay in California a little while longer, this time by the sea. If you want to buy a house here, you would need to start saving from your previous life time. But this is why this area is worth visiting as a tourist. The coastline is of indescribable beauty, the seafood restaurants offer dishes that you will be dreaming for days and Del Monte forest adds to the magic. A truly unique area. You can stay in one of the many luxury resorts or take a short break here, while on a road trip.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
If your girl loves art, that is definitely the place to visit. Canyon Road is filled with galleries and exhibitions of famous artists take place throughout the year. The Spanish influence on architectures spices things up and the Gothic cathedrals are pretty impressive. The cuisine is spicy and delicious, the people a friendly, warm crowd.

Of course, whitewomen looking for black men are all different from each other. This means different tastes. Ask your girl is she prefers a quiet holiday or is more into bungee jumping, hiking, diving kind of adventure. Ask her is she loves luxury resorts or quiet beaches with just a hammock. Ask her if she prefers nightlife or early morning hikes. All these are quite strong clues that will help you to choose the best destination for the two of you. If you are filling insecure about your choice, you can always ask her. This way you also avoid taking her to a holiday that she has already enjoyed with her ex. It won't be a surprise any more, but you will enjoy your trip anyway! 

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