Saturday, 13 February 2016

White Women Black Men Ideas for Dates

Couples composing of white women and black men often have problem on thinking about what to do on their first date. Now, this is usually a no-brainer, since one should know the other’s interests from simple conversation. However, in the case of a lack of information, these choices are always okay when playing safe.

Give Her Flowers

This is one of the easiest things to do, and also one of the easiest to take for granted. Usually, men give the women flowers. This applies especially when you would be dating a black man. Black gentlemen (Yes, only date gentlemen and ladies) are most likely traditional, and will be taken aback when given flowers. Let the black men do it for you.

Black men, on the other hand, must know when it is appropriate to give flowers to their ladies. A large bouquet is nice, but it is a hassle to carry around. Give them flowers, of ample size, when they have somewhere to put it down. For example, the center of a dinner table is a handy place for your date to put down a single flower, but a flower is a hassle to carry around in a movie theater. Also, white ladies find it sweet if you remember their favorite flowers. ALWAYS remember to ask, and ask discreetly.
White Women Black Men Ideas for Dates
White Women Black Men Ideas for Dates

            Now, this is easy to get wrong, but when done right, is one of the staples of the dating scene. Pick a place that is not too fancy; your lady will expect you to maintain the fanciness in the future dates. Of course, the men will always have to pay for at least part of the tab. But don’t pick place too casual! Your lady deserves more than just fast food for dinner.

The Movies

            Before you buy movie tickets, make you that you sneak in some clues to know what your significant other would want to watch. For example, discreetly saying that you wonder which movie will be nice to watch may elicit some clues on your significant other’s preferences. But if you cannot decipher the one you’re dating, then simply get tickets to a movie that you know will at least not bore the other. A white lady would probably not want to watch hardcore gangster films, and a black gentleman would probably not be interested on the life of some guy named Shawn Berry. Show your consideration in the purchase of your movie ticket, as the one you would be dating should start thinking that you think of them, and not yourself.


            Now this is an activity that may seem unattractive at first, but you may have no idea how charming this would be for their lady. Pick a spot in a quiet park, make sure that the skies are clear, and lay down a picnic mat. If you have no idea about stars and constellations, you can just admire the night sky with your loved one. Take out a bottle of fine wine, some glasses, and light a candle to create a nice, romantic atmosphere, and chat for hours!

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