Friday, 26 February 2016

Why Do White Women Like Black Men?

Why do white women like black men? Is it a power play? Is it an act of going against the norm? Read on and find out the most possible reasons! And if a white guy is reading this, take down notes!

They Feel That Black Men Are Equally Oppressed

            Recent trends have driven white men to tone down their mannerisms that in the past were seen as acts of gentlemen, due to the risk of being ostracized. This resulted to the white male’s stoppage of deeds that would have been chivalrous. Before, women appreciated it when men opened doors for them, helped them carry their bags, and paid the bill for their dates. Recently, men have not been guaranteed appreciation for these deeds.
Why Do White Women Like Black Men?
Why Do White Women Like Black Men?

However, black men seem to be less targeted by this phenomenon. Why? Because white females have always felt oppressed by white men. They have been insecure to certain aspects of white men, such as having better jobs, being physically superior to their female counterparts, and general penis envy. On the other hand, white females see black males as sort of equals, since black men had experienced slavery under white men in the past, and racial discrimination is still live today. White women probably feel intimidated due to the poise of black men (discussed later), but some women probably prefer being with black men because they are slightly intimidated by, instead of a white man that they feel they are oppressed by.

Black Males are More Masculine Compared to Neutered White Males

            As said earlier, misdirected feminists have recently subjected white males to the “anti-oppression” movement, scolding white males for every little thing they feel insecure of. With white males having to suppress their chivalry, black gentlemen (I repeat, GENTLEMEN) start to shine like an ebony idol in an asbestos mine. As such, ladies that still appreciate chivalry start to notice black gentlemen more. Now, white men have the feminist movement to thank for the white ladies they want going for black men.

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