Saturday, 21 September 2013

5 Movies About White Women And Black Men Dating

If she has agreed to come over at your place to watch a movie, you are obviously doing something right. Choose one of the following great films to watch, to help convince her that your interracial romance is an absolutely great idea. If you make pop corn or guacamole to snack on, you get extra points!

white women for black men
white women for black men
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
This 1967 movie has won two Oscars and counts more than 20 nominations for various awards. A young lady meets, falls in love and gets engaged with a black doctor on her holidays. They fly back to her parent's hometown in order to introduce him to them, before they get married. The generally liberal family seems to be somewhat stunned by their daughter's choice and when the doctor's parents also fly to meet their future in-laws things become interesting. Oh, and there is a happy ending! All white women who want to date black men will love this classic.

Save The Last Dance
The love story of Sara and Derek, two dancers coming from very different backgrounds. Sara fails to enter Julliard and after her mother dies while rushing to get to her audition, she battles feelings of guilt. She moves in with her father and attends a school full of black students, who eventually invite her to join STEPPS, their dance club. There Sara meets Derek, who helps her improve her dancing style, by incorporating hip hop dance moves. A lot of things happen before the happy ending of this movie, that younger people will love.

A Patch of Blue
This is a proper drama. Girls love drama and the ending is relatively happy as well, so if you want to date white women who are sensitive, this movie is a great choice. The movie follows the story of a girl who was accidentally blinded by her mother, when she tried to throw chemicals on one of her lovers. The girl's mother is a prostitute and abusive and her grandfather an alcoholic. The girl meets a nice black man in the park, who is willing to help her improve her life. Her mother and grandfather will get in the way many times, filling the movie with suspense.

The 1995 version of the classic theater play features a really hot interracial couple. Laurence Fishburne as Othelo and Irene Jacob as Desdemona have to deal with the evil plans of Iago, played by Kenneth Branagh. Iago convinces Othelo that Desdemona has been unfaithful, in order to serve his own interest and what follows is a tragedy. Not a happy ending for this one, but if your date is into Shakespeare, she will appreciate it.

In this film the starring couple are a white girl, Nicole and a Mexican-American guy, Carlos. The girl is haunted by her mother's suicide and feels unloved by her father, as he has another daughter with his second wife. When she is on community service on a beach she meets Carlos, who is a great student. Their worlds clash, her father interferes, a lot of things go wrong but the movie has a hopeful ending.

When choosing a movie to watch with your date, always be aware of possible triggers. If the movie contains abuse, rape scenes, drug use, suicide or even a serious illness, make sure your girl is fine with watching it. Especially when you do not know someone well, you might scratch wounds of the past unintentionally.

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